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Promoting Love, Equality and Education

Promoting Love, Equality and Education

Promoting Love, Equality and Education Promoting Love, Equality and Education

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Working in adult social care level 2

   This course is for anyone who wants to work in care or  Care worker in supported housing for people with a physical disability, including mental health. It is designed to give students an insight into the health and social care setting and learn the skills needed to work with people in need and to promote health and well being of the ageing and vulnerable adult. This takes hard work and commitment, but working in a caring role is very rewarding also.  

The student will Cover:


  • Introduction to Health and Social Care
  • Safeguarding Adult
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Manual Handling awareness
  • Communication
  • Understanding Your role
  • Handling Information
  • Privacy and dignity

Our Aims:

 Our Aims:

We want care worker to be able to: 

  • Promote and maintain independence within the supported living environment 
  • Support with personal care 
  • Support the delivery of a person-centred care plan, managing personal finances, accessing community and educational and employment facilities 
  • Undertake accurate reporting to support the care planning process.


This training is free

what to do after completing this course:

  • Majority of people go on to work as a healthcare worker and gain more experience in looking after people and later apply for nursing training in college
  • Further education in health and social care course
  • There are recruitment opportunities for you and if you want to start working, contact us direct or speak to your teacher.

How to apply

 Complete the booking form below, and one of our trainer will contact you for a date and venue for the next available training.

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